The Skyrim Creation Kit is here!

And there are already 157+ mods uploaded to the Steam Workshop, a little Valve add-on that I think is incredibly cool. I have a lot of ideas for quests, some of which will require new dungeons and landscapes. Got my work cut out for me. Well, not exactly. I’ll be doing the cutting and the work afterward. I’m new to this set of tools, not having modded since Oblivion, so it will be some time before you see these posted here.

Tales of the Black Bard – A legendary figure who wanders the lands of Tamriel and its outer realms, ebon-clad Magnussen the Black Bard comes to Skyrim where he is framed for a leading an uprising, and the player must aid him in his efforts to clear his name and uncover the real conspirators behind the quagmire.

The Daedra Imperative – The daedra are petty, sniveling, manipulative beings who care only to further their own selfish ends. They’ve manipulated you, conned you, and made you do things that wake you up at night in a cold sweat. It’s time to make them pay…

And Other Cautionary Tales… is a lighthearted series of quests that see the player trying to herd a stampede of mammoths across the plains, helping the Woodcutter’s Guild establish a name for themselves, and assisting a happless Imperial soldier who dreams of being an inventor.

We’ll see where these experiments lead. I can’t wait to meet that Imperial Soldier who invents Tamriel’s first tazer.


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