Guild Wars 2: The Can’t Wait To Play It Edition

Okay, so there really isn’t a new edition of the game. I only refer to my hankerin’ to play the game whist not having it for some time. But this game…it’s everything I wanted the original GW to be and didn’t realize it. Well, I realized some things, but I never kept up with development on it until now, launch week. They’re doing away with the old model that hampered Guild Wars (which is still a great game), and I find myself having a hard time waiting until I have some extra fun money to spend on it. So what am I looking most forward to in GW2? Let’s take a quick look.

No Group Play Necessary – I look forward to being able to sail through this game on my own, under my own whim, and at my own pace. Heck, they even went so far as to say that it was my own story (more on that below). Why am I excited about this? It was impossible to do all the story quests in Guild Wars by yourself, even if you had the subpar bots running with you. It helped, but it was never enough. And for someone like me, who was never comfortable talking to strangers, Maybe I just wasn’t as skilled at it as everyone else? Nah. I got real good at soloing in that game, but the game was never meant for that. The other part of my excitement for this is that I hate groups of people I don’t know. Especially now. RPG’s have become the big thing in gaming, and multiplayer has, in general, become the biggest thing in gaming overall. As such, it attracts an even larger pool of people from a big cross-section of society. What that leads to then is a lot more trolls than before. This was not a problem for me in the first Guild Wars, as most players were pretty friendly. But times have changed. As a tank, and a hardcore tank at that, there are too many people that don’t understand the focus and intensity of the class role. They want speed runs and they want it all done their way. Guild Wars 2 changes all that, complete with scaling boss fights and nary a static quest to be found. I hope that every other MMO takes from ArenaNet’s playbook on this one.

Story Pathing – This is the part that intrigues me the most. My own personal story, and no two players will experience the exact same path. At least that’s what ArenaNet claims, and I am stoked about their ability to deliver this. Story is the reason I play RPG’s. No other genre lets you become so immersed in a heroic role than the roleplaying genre. The way is it described in a video demo by Kevin VanOrd of, the world no longer contains static quests or characters with quest indicators over their heads. Instead, you play in an active world where things happen in real time. So you’re running through the world, smacking heads, when suddenly something catches your eye. Oh, what’s this? A live event that will change the course of history for my game. This is incredible. Everything that happens in the game is seamless. Give. Now.

Entirely Open World – Let’s face it. The world in the original game was stunningly beautiful, but this one is wide open for exploring. Those of us who remember the original had the honor of cities that were open for all players, but PvE areas were all instanced. That really stunk. This game doesn’t do such a stinky thing. Good job, ArenaNet!

And a slew of other things await! They added three cool new classes in addition to the original five, including a class for tanking that is, for all intents and purposes, a Paladin. I love the world, I love the design, everything about this game tells me this will be the MMO to beat for quite some time to come. What’s got you excited for Guild Wars 2? Comment below.


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