Concept: One-button FPS

Shattershock is a one-button first person shooter for mobile devices. The player takes on the role of a mechanized human soldier, whose city is under attack by armored alien shock troops. Targeting the city’s colossal power center, the aliens seek to channel that power into their own vessels. It is up to the player to chase them down giant, winding electrical conduit tunnels and defeat them. Their armor is made of an unknown crystalline substance impenetrable by conventional means. To combat the insurmountable enemy, the player is equipped with an experimental sound weapon called the Thunderwave, which is able to shatter the aliens’ armor and render them vulnerable.

The player begins at the entrance to a conduit. A health bar pops up on the right as well as a speed meter at top center. The game utilizes only one button for all of its functions, each of which are context sensitive. Since each level is set in a linear, forward moving path, there is no need for directional control. Holding down the button will cause the player to sprint forward for a few seconds, gaining speed as the player continues to hold the button until reaching maximum speed. The player will slow if they do not hold down the button.

When there is a gap or speed bump in the path, the player can jump over it by releasing the button when they reach a short blue trail of pointers leading up to the gap. The game will maintain speed and leap automatically. Holding down the button upon landing will resume sprinting. Though there is no directional divergence in the path, the player will be taken on a high-speed winding path complete with corkscrew patterns, loop-the-loops, and zig-zagging cables to throw the players, all with their own gaps to be avoided.

The player is on a high-speed chase to reach the alien before they sever the power conduit from the power core. Their distance from the core is displayed at the top of the screen. When the player closes in on the alien, it will begin to shoot projectiles at the player. These projectiles can be dodged much the same as the player jumps, by releasing the button when the ‘Danger’ symbol appears.

Combat is exciting and fast-paced. When the player reaches the alien, the main battle begins. Using the Thunderwave, the player utilizes button-tap combos to attack. Each enemy boss has a damage meter for their armor. Once that bar is depleted the armor is shattered and the player can unleash a devastating missile attack on it that makes short work of it.

• One Tap and Hold fires the default sound wave attack, which does the least damage to the enemy.
• Two Taps and Hold charges the beam for a more powerful attack. The longer the player holds down the button, the more powerful it gets. Releasing the button will unleash the charge.

Once the player defeats all enemy bosses, they engage in a battle that takes place in the alien mothership. This will be the most difficult of the levels, with the most powerful and challenging boss. Upon defeating this boss, the player saves the city and wins the game.

The game consists of twenty missions that become more difficult as you progress, each with a boss that possesses completely unique tactics from the others. One will possess an attack that obscures the player’s vision temporarily, while another affects your speed by slowing you down or speeding you up so fast you almost can’t see what’s coming. Each level has randomly generated obstacles, so one never plays the same path twice. Upon completing a mission, the player’s stats will be displayed and posted to an online leader board, where they can compete with other players for the top spot.


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