WC3 Map: The Reckoning of Captain Edrigar

The Reckoning of Captain Edrigar follows the story of a brave soldier on the fringes of the Scourge War, charged with recovering a powerful but dangerous creature of legend that may turn the tide against them. The player guides the warrior-poet Captain Edrigar who will, along with his friend and mage Archaus, will face a number of moral situations that threaten to push him into the same vengeance-driven anger that consumed Prince Arthas. In the end he must decide whether to obtain the artifact or destroy it, but there are others who seek it as well. And when it is found, will it discern friend from foe?
The map is a large size 160 x 160 battlefield consisting of both forest and grassland areas. It is divided into rough quandrants. The southwest quadrant is the player’s start location; the northwest quadrant is the enemy base camp; the northeast quadrant is the location of the final battle and the artifact, and the southeast quadrant is an area taken over by gnolls who have an item of power to aid the hero. Other areas of the map include a lakeside town where a sidequest can be obtained, as well as an ogre/troll encampment to the east. Just north of the base camp is a bandit camp related to the optional side quest.
The object of the map is to reach the location of the artifact before the enemy does. There are many opposing forces on the map that will get in the player’s way, and some optional ones that can be defeated for items of power and more information on the artifact.

Click Here to download a work-in-progress prototype of The Reckoning of Captain Edrigar


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